• 3D modeling practices 

  • Maya, Zbrush, Blender, Unity, TouchDesigner

  • Ongoing

1. "From a ship to a city"

Modeled in Maya and rendered in Maya and Unity.

This ship is created based on a MAERSK ship I saw during a trip.

The textured maps are created with Photoshop.

Renderings in Maya:

"From a ship to a city"

Screenshots in Unity:

2. Glass hands

Modeled in ZBrush and rendered in Maya.

3 Interactive face experiment (In Zbrush):

I experimented with the human face model in TouchDesigner, which gives live control of the facial features. 

Live rendered and animated in TouchDesigner.

4.Robots with different moods.

Modeling and Rendering in Maya.

5. Characters related to cats:

6. 3D Interior:

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