• A Boat Trip

  • Maya, Unity

  • A short-throw projector, an iMac mini, a bench, Xbox One Gamepad, a pair of earphones, a boat oar, bench-size instruction papers.

  • Nov 2019

  • Achievement: Mood House was presented on "Remixing Really" class, IDM, New York University.


“A Boat Trip” is a game that allows players to explore a virtual space by rowing a boat by themselves through gamepad control.Rowing on the endless river in the shape of a Möbius strip, players will never reach the end of this journey.


During the process of realizing the infinity of the space in this game, and along with the narration voice, the players would spontaneous get the notion: the universal principle of life and everything is Infinity. A tension of possible breaking of this principle may also occur during the boat trip.


Different from the traditional first-person game, “A boat trip” doesn’t have a goal, neither any mission/enemy/award/punishment. From my perspective, it’s more like an enlightenment/awakening process.This also raises a question - What will the players get when the goal of a game is missing?

screen recording of the game play:

Physical layout in the Department of Digital Arts Gallery:

Presenting Mood House to "Remixing Reality" class at IDM, New York University:

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