Noth Liu is a multimedia artist and designer living in New York currently. In May 2020, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. She finished her undergraduate degree in China Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, and the major was digital display design.​ She received the Silver Braids and Pratt Circle Awards at Pratt Institute in May 2020.


She participated in the “EVO.DVO.REVO” at the group exhibition CYFEST-12: International Media Art Festival in December 2018. The group work had been shown in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, December 2018 and Petersburg, Russia, November 2019. 


She had also been a guest speaker/visiting artist to the “Remixing Reality” class at the Department of Integrated Digital Media at New York University in February 2020.

She is also involved in the publication: Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 43. Published by Artblog on June 19, 2020.

Her MFA thesis project "Let's chat like this" was accepted by the SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Art Gallery program, and "The Archive to Come " in Telematic Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Artist Statement

I create interactive installations and games. Usually, the themes of my work involve extreme or imaginary simulated scenarios which can be extensions of reality.


I express my concepts and provide experiences for the audience through multiple media. I use narrative or interactive media to visualize, exaggerate, and reconstruct some surrealistic scenarios. The style is usually surrealism, combined with collage images, and subtle details of odd/ humorous elements. My goal is to evoke deep thinking, and to influence the way people think about common sense.

My work ranges from Interactive installation/Computer art/VFX/Visualization and Simulation/Video Art/Mixed reality/Game design/Creative coding to Conceptual art/User experience design/Production design/Graphic Design.


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