• Eros - Losing the edge

  • mp4 video

  • Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere.

  • Feb 2019



This is a video art about eros. I was inspired by the book “Eros the bittersweet” and also the film “Cries and whispers”. One of the sentence said: “In Greek lyric poetry, eros is an experience of melting.Here are some metaphors of melting: piecing, crushing, grinding to powder, bridling, roasting, sting, biting…I concentrate on these kind of metaphors. And I try to visualize the feeling of “melting” that Greek lyric poetry refers.

So in my video, I use the plug and socket (not just represent female and male, also about the active party & passive party) to represent human ourselves to tell a narrative of how two people losing their edge to reach each other, and experiencing the feeling of “melting”.

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