• Mood House

  • Maya, Unity

  • Virtual reality project based on Magic Leap

  • Dec 2019

  • Achievement: Mood House was presented on "Remixing Really" class, IDM, New York University.


Mood House is an interactive VR experience about moods. The house opens several unknown portals for the players to explore. Inside the portals, there are visualizations of different moods. Players need to find an entrance in each room to go deeper into that certain mood. During the exploration process, players can gradually get a sense of what kind of mood each portal is telling.


Instruction: WASD (on keyboard) for direction, space for jump, mouse for first-person perspective.

The platform is magic leap. Players need to operate the game by wearing a magic leap headset to look around and using a gamepad to control the character moving. Although the gameplay experience is contemporary, the pixelation texture adds a sense of the 1990s video game feeling. Different audios occur when players enter different moods. The rooms are made in different sizes, shapes, and lighting in order to match different moods. For example, rooms of negative mood are narrower/smaller; rooms for positive mood are larger/brighter.

Mood House Intro:


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