• Teleportation 

  • A projection, a pressure sensor, a 30*30cm plastic board, an HD webcam.

  • Photoshop, Processing, Arduino

  • April 2019



This is an Interactive installation that allows participants to view themselves in top view when they stand/sit on the mat in front of the projected image.

As artists or designers, we sometimes lock ourself in our own heads, so we need to go outside of ourselves.In my installation,  you can looking at yourself in top view, you can imagine you are going outside yourself. In this view, you can criticize yourself and improve yourself. This may help you be the best of yourself.


The reason of why I don’t use view from back or front is that, these I feel more like they’re views of other’s view. Actually, others’ view aren’t objective enough. For example, others may not consider our personal beliefs attitudes and so on…

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