• Who is telling the truth

  • mp4 video

  • Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere

  • Nov 2018

Description :


"Who is telling the truth?" is a video installation that questions the existence of "the real truth" or "the only truth" in educational history books.

It all began with my confusion: The Chinese history book & Japanese history book (educational) all said completely different "facts" about Japanese invading China during Second Sino-Japanese War. I wonder who is telling the truth.


Later, I learned that this not only happened between Japan and China, but different countries always tells different histories about wars for different purposes.Feel like it's a sad fact I found. I can't imagine how would this influence the new generations.

About the visual elements:

I used the bunk beds to simulate the neighborhood location of the two nations.The babies represents Chinese and Japanese new generations being fed by the history books which represented by TVs connect to their heads.On the background, there's a lightning going through, it resembles the crack between the two nations, enhancing the tension feeling.

I choose a CRT monitor to display my work.It was exhibited in 4th Floor DDA Gallery, Pratt Institute.

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