• I Guess It's Time   - a game in the context of COVID-19

  • Maya, Unity

  • a 2D RPG game

  • April 2020


I Guess It's Time is an interactive 2D RPG game that allows players using keyboard/gamepad to control a character walking around and making choices to try to survive and even save the world in an almost inhabitable planet that under the attack of one kind of disease (similar to COVID-19). Players' different choices lead to different endings (different actions lead to different consequences).

The outbreak of the coronavirus in the world exposes people all over the world to an unprecedented threat. People in severely affected areas (such as NY) are now facing an urgent choice - stay or leave? This is a difficult choice, because if you leave, you may abandon your existing property and may be in danger during the journey. If you choose to stay, you may “become a lamb to be slaughtered” if the worst situation occurs. This makes me imagine that if people all over the world encounter a worse crisis in the future, for example, the crisis is so severe that the earth is no longer as habitable as before - fatal changes in the component of atmosphere/global temperature changes rapidly etc... Then will you leave or stay? In the face of crisis, is there something more worthy than your life? If so, will you sacrifice yourself for keeping it? If not, do you accept it disappearing? Under the premise of being alive, what do you want to protect/save most?

Game instruction: WASD (on keyboard) for direction.

Screenshots form the gameplays:

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